Concrete and brick are both very porous, and after being exposed to oil, salt, fertilize,not to mention the freeze-thaw climates, some waterproofing will surely be necessary.

The skills and experience to repair damaged or deteriorated structures are decidedly different from those required to build new structures. So when it’s time to waterproof or make waterproofing repairs, you can trust that our contractors have extensive knowledge and are able to perform all repair procedures for any situation they are presented with.

Basic Procedure for Concrete Waterproofing

  • Secure area
  • Develop new traffic pattern
  • Removal of existing unsound/damage concrete and sealant/coating
  • Prepare concrete surfaces
  • Repair damaged concrete and caulk/sealant
  • Apply Deck Coatings

Waterproofing Solutions

  • Above Ground
  • Below Ground

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